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A Heart
The Human Heart.
Such a trivial thing.
And yet, why does it attract my attention,
And pique my curiosity?
Is it the thought of feelings?
Feelings like love and hate,
Happiness and sadness?
I've never had feelings, as I am not Human.
But why do Humans hold them so dear,
As if it depended on their lives?
Is it the thought of no feelings?
The thought of no feelings seems like a good idea to me.
No love and hate, jealousy or rage,
No happiness, no sadness.
Everyone would be safe,
there would be no problems.
And yet...
The thought of a world without feelings
Makes my chest hurt, and the world looks grayer.
Is this what they call having feelings?
Am I feeling sadness at the thought of no feelings?
It seems even things not Human,
Like me,
Have a heart.
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Rocky Road to Dublin
While in the merry month of May from me home I started,
Left the girls of Tuam so sad and broken hearted,
Saluted father dear, kissed me darling mother,
Drank a pint of beer, me grief and tears to smother,
Then off to reap the corn, leave where I was born,
Cut a stout black thorn to banish ghosts and goblins;
Bought a pair of brogues rattling o'er the bogs
And fright'ning all the dogs on the rocky road to Dublin.
One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah !
In Mullingar that night I rested limbs so weary,
Started by daylight next morning blithe and early,
Took a drop of pure to keep me heartfrom sinking;
Thats a Paddy's cure whenever he's on drinking.
See the lassies smile, laughing all the while
At me curious style, 'twould set your heart a bubblin'
Asked me was I hired, wages I required,
I was almost tired of the rocky road to Dublin.
One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
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My Heart
The days of happiness
I spent with you,
Will always remain in my heart.
My heart will only bleed for you,
and you alone.
Though you're heart lies
with someone else,
I am content on watching from afar.
But even though I say this,
I still will cry,
I still will be sad,
And most of all,
I'll still love you.
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Happy New Years Everyone
What can be said in New Year rhymes,
That's not been said a thousand times?
The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.
We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.
We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.
We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our prides, we sheet our dead.
We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that's the burden of a year.
Happy New Years everyone! And may the next years be even better!
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Bells of Notre Dame
Morning in Paris, the city awakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
To the big bells as loud as the thunder
To the little bells soft as a psalm
And some say the soul of the city's
The toll of the bells
The bells of Notre Dame
Listen, they're beautiful, no?
So many colors of sound, so many changing moods
Because you know, they don't ring all by themselves
- They don't? -
No, you silly boy.
Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower
lives the mysterious bell ringer.
Who is this creature - Who? -
What is he? - What? -
How did he come to be there - How? -
Hush, Clopin will tell you
It is a tale, a tale of a man and a monster.
Dark was the night when our tale was begun
On the docks near Notre Dame
Man #1:
Shup it up, will you!
Man #2:
We'll be spotted!
Hush, little one.
Four frightened gypsies slid silently under
The docks near Notre Dame
Man #3:
Four guilders for safe passage into Paris
But a trap
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Why do they keep falling?
No matter how many times I wipe them away, they come back.
Maybe because I didn't want to see any more.
Maybe because I didn't want to hear any more.
Those Screams that tore at my heart and Soul.
They echo so loudly,
So frightened
So sad.
I could do nothing as I watched her be taken from me.
That shout that came from the Darkest part of my soul.
I could do nothing.
Why, I wonder.
Why does fate have to be so Cruel?
Why can't they leave me alone?
My only friend,
My only love,
Taken from my own hands.
Her Heart slowed, and slowed,
As I held her close to me.
I asked that God gave my life to her
But he did not answer my prayer.
He let her die,
Ever so slowly.
Why, I ask.
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Snow - 2?
What's that I see?
So pure and white it was
Let's go out and play!
We jumped and we ran all day
We Built a snow fort
That was so tall, we couldn't see the top!
We had snowball fights, we laughed, we played
And at night, we stared up at the stars that shown so bright
And the moon that made the ground glow with silver
We sat together, looking at the stars. So peaceful, so Romantic.
It was so fun! but sadly,
The snow melted the next day.
"Oh well!" we would say
"Next year, It'll be much better!"
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The snow, was so white
it shone, a brilliant silver.
So pure it was.
So gentle, how it fell from above.
But, Why?
Why today?
She loved snow so much, she would have been delighted.
But she could never see it.
Her eyes, a brilliant silver,
Just like the snow.
But, they saw nothing,
Except a dark and lonely world.
She took comfort with me.
Whenever I was near, she was calm and happy
But now, even that happiness has been taken.
She would have loved the snow.
"Why today?" I asked
"Why the day, after she could never see, or feel again?
Not feeling the cold embrace,
Not feeling my love and happiness?"
Nothing answered.
I didn't expect anything to.
The only thing I saw, was the snow white owl,
Staring at me.
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 2 0
Sadness 2
Those tears I shed that day, they were all for you.
No one was as nice, or selfless as you.
I miss you.
Every time I see your photo
My heart aches.
It aches, and never stops aching.
I see you in my dreams,
Smiling, waving.
Then everything's dark.
A dim red light blinks over head.
A quiet dinging in the distance.
My bike, in pieces
And you.
Lying Oh so still.
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 1 8
'Revenge' Captain Sparklez
So we back in the mine, got our pick axe swinging from side to side,
This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight,
Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body,
Oh no it's you again,
I could never forget those eyes
'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal all our stuff again,
'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again,
And run, run until it's done, done, until the sun comes up in the morn'
'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal all our stuff again,
Just when you think you're safe, overhear some hissing from right behind,
That's a nice life you have, shame it's gotta end at this time,
Blows up, then your health bar drops, you could use a 1-up, get inside don't be tardy,
So now you're stuck in there, half a heart is left but don't die
'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal all your stuff again,
'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again,
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 22 2
Moves Like Jagger
[Verse 1]
Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
Then aim for my heart
If you feel like
And take me away, make it okay
I swear I'll behave
You wanted control
So we waited
I put on a show
Now I make it
You say I'm a kid
My ego is big
I don't give a sh*t
And it goes like this
Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you
You want the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger
I don't need try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you
With them the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger
[Verse 2]
Maybe it's hard
When you feel like you're broken and scarred
Nothing feels right
But when you're with me
I make you believe
That I've got the key
So get in the car
We can ride it
Wherever you want
Get inside it
And you want to steer
But I'm shifting gears
I'll take it from here
And it goes like this
Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger lyrics found on http
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I sit, in a corner, smiling the same smile.
Always smiling, always laughing,
But on the inside, I was crying.
Not loud and bold
not quiet and discreet.
Just a soundless sob, that fills my mind.
Life ends.
and Life Begins.
But for me, who's world was frozen in time,
not just three years ago.
When the one person I loved, Died.
My life stopped that day, not a second, not a minute.
My days became a shade Grayer,
And Grayer as time went on by, not caring, not loving
Nobody knew,
Nobody cared,
Nobody saw those tears I shed.
The same soundless sob that I continue in my heart
And the same hollow smile that never goes away.
And not eating, not sleeping
Just Crying.
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 2 4
It didn't Rain Today Poem
It didn't rain toady.
Nor did it rain yesterday.
But why didn't it rain today, or yesterday?
It rained last week,
But it didn't rain today.
Even though the sun is shining,
In my heart, it's raining oh so hard
It's so sad,
so loud.
But it didn't rain today.
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 1 7
Terra Chapter 1 Pg. 2
Page 2
    Shio just sat there, staring. The dragon tilted its head to the left.
  "What's wrong, human?" The dragon then titled its head upright again and walked over. "Ah, I think I understand. You are confused about how I am able to talk, correct?" All Shio could manage was a nod. And that you're a dragon of the most rare breed, thought Shio.
  "Well it is true that there are dragons, and that they are a rare creature. But it is even more rare for a dragon to be able to speak with other humans other than their Master."
  Now that Shio could get a good look, the dragon was a golden, with small horns on its head. Along its back, was a frill that went from its neck, to the tip of its tail. Shio guessed that her wings were about 5 meters in wingspan. Also her feet were somewhat like some lizards, with claws about 2 inches long and webbed feet. All together, an amazing creature designed to fly, run, and swim as one of the fastest animals.
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 0 0
Terra Chapter 1 pg. 1
Page 1
    "IT'S SO hot out here!"
"Well, yeah. It's the desert." Shio sighed. This was the twelfth time Jack was complaining about the heat this morning and it was beginning to get her annoyed. This was her caravan they were traveling with. at around 40 people, half being humans and the other half being those of dwarfish and Elvin descent. She was beginning wondered if it was such a good idea to bring such an inexperienced traveler, such as her brother, with her and the caravan. They were crossing Derelicta Campi to bring merchants and traders to the capital city, Eon. The Derelicta Campi, or The Forsaken Plains, is a wide stretch of desert on Eastern Continent, just north of the Silvestre Terras. She sighed. 'I really am regretting bringing him with us.' Though, in the back of her mind, she really enjoyed his company. He took away her feeling of being homesick. 'But if I have to listen to him complain much longer, I think I might lose my mind.'
:iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 0 0
Loop and Loop by Katsuji117 Loop and Loop :iconkatsuji117:Katsuji117 1 0
Mostly gonna be music and books, sad to say.
I has no drawing skills. D:

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